7 Methods for Managing Bad Tenants

Bad news: your current tenants are not the greatest. Difficult tenants will make your life as a landlord very difficult; We learned this from our own experience and we feel your pain! After you suffer from managing a few bad tenants, you will definitely appreciate the value in finding great tenants.

Dealing with a troublesome tenants is a common problem for most landlords, so it is critical to understand how to deal with bad tenants in order for your life to be a bit easier. You might even occasionally transform bad tenants into good tenants with enough skill and luck. However, it often takes a lot of patience, understanding, and conflict resolution skills to convert bad tenants into good tenants or to otherwise remove them from the property through a formal eviction process.

1. Be patient, objective, and non-reactive.

The first step for dealing with a bad tenant is to always remain professional when interacting with them. It is easy to get frustrated, angry, or emotional when a tenant causes trouble.

Before responding, take a moment to compose yourself and clear your mind. Don’t take what they say or do too personally, and remember that in a landlord-tenant relationship, it is up to you to be the bigger person if problems arise.

2. Treat them how you want to be treated.

Just like any other relationship, treat your tenant how you would want to be treated. Always be fair, kind, and understanding of their personal struggles or situations. Dealing with bad tenants is like walking a tightrope between staying firm with your rules and bending to allow for situational flexibility.

Treat them like they are a real person and show them that you are willing to talk your problems out and work together. However, don’t be overly lenient to where they feel like they can get away with anything.

3. Always Maintain a Professional Distance.

Tenants will feel a sense of power and influence over you if you tend to cross the line and become too friendly with them.  Always be friendly, but ultimately you are not their friend;  You are their landlord.  Accepting invitations to their social gatherings, giving them unusually personal gifts or blatantly flirting with them are behaviors that can all get you into trouble later.

4. Clearly communicate.

Most tenant-landlord issues arise due to poor communication or the lack thereof. Always communicate with your tenant clearly, directly, and in the best way possible. Relay a sense of confidence in your communications as well as understanding.

It’s also a great idea to keep written records of your communications, whether that be through email or a logbook. If a situation arises, you can refer back to your records for clarification.

5. Avoid renting to friends or family members. 

Many landlords have big hearts and great intentions to help their family by offering them a cheap or free place to stay temporarily.  Terrible Idea!!  Unfortunately, this usually creates a disaster.   Remember, you are running a business and not a charity.  If you choose to rent your property to friends and family, they will often take advantage of your kindness;  We’ve seen it happen too many times!  It’s a much better idea to strictly avoid renting your property to any family or friends because it will be extremely difficult to apply the necessary pressure when your family member suddenly decides they no longer can afford to pay you the rent on time. 

6. Begin the eviction process.

Unfortunately, if the conflict cannot be managed, eviction might be the only way to deal with the bad tenant. Terminating your tenant’s lease early should be the very last option, as it can be costly for you and cause extra conflict between you and the tenant.

Also, a tenant cannot be evicted just because you don’t like them. You must be able to show valid reasons why you are terminating their lease, such as failure to pay rent or violating legal lease terms.

7.  Sell Your Property

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