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Sell Your House Without
Making Repairs In Los Angeles

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Sell Your House In Los Angeles Without Making Repairs

Living in a house for a long time means that things in your house wear down over time. Needing repairs is a normal part of any house, especially if you have kids who like to make a mess. With Tropical Investors, we can ease the selling process even if your house needs repairs.

Selling Your Home as is

With many realtors, you may be required to make repairs to your house before you can sell it. This can both take a long time and be expensive. Other realtors will be required to help you fill out a home disclosure to sell the house As Is. Doing this has become a popular way to see as you don’t have to do the repairs yourself.

However, selling As Is may mean that prospective home buyers won’t want to pay as much for your house.

How to sell As Is

A realtor will help you fill out a home disclosure which has you fill out many details about your home. Having everything noted will allow you to legally sell your home as it is. You will note everything wrong with the house from broken appliances to infestations. Not answering honestly can lead to possible legal problems with the homebuyers.

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Look good anyway

Even if your house isn’t in the best shape, you can still make it look a bit better and more appealing in a few simple steps.

  • Clean that carpet. You may be horrified to find out how dirty a carpet can get overtime. There might be a pristine white carpet under what you thought was a tan carpet. Cleaning your carpet can make the entire house looks so much better.
  • A new layer of paint. Freshening up the house with a new layer of paint can give an old house a new look. 
  • Steaming walls. If you or a previous house owner smoked in the house, you’ll want to steam clean your walls to get rid of any residue that seeped in. You might find that your walls were actually a different color too!
We Buy Houses Fast for Cash
We Buy Houses Fast for Cash

Sell the easy way

Hey, if you don’t want to do all the extra work, contact Tropical Investors. We don’t care what your house looks like and we will take care of the repairs and cleaning ourselves.

Contact us through our form on our website or call us at (323) 580-6881. That way, we can set up an appointment to see your house and to see what we are working with. From there, you’ll get a cash offer within 24 hours.

We make selling your house super easy and quick. No need to make your house look nice with us. Just show us what needs to be fixed and move your stuff out. We’ll take care of everything ourselves so that you don’t have to worry about home presentations.

If you want to sell your house in an easy and fast way, contact us and we will take care of the rest.